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Project type:

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)




Client liason, Brand devlopment, UI specifications and recommendations, landing page design

Client satisfaction

Design award nomination

Bayleys Property were so happy with the work for them that they nominated me for a design award. Please contact me if you wish to see more examples of my work.

Bayleys style guide


Bayleys Property

The Creative Store (temping agency) referred Bayleys Property to me becuase of the EDM designs I produced for BMW, Air New Zealand, GMI Finance, and Bartercard. I managed this project remotely from Wellington.

Design Brief

Project scope

The scope of this project grew as time progressed into multiple email template designs, landing pages, and detailed design specifications for Bayleys Total Propty retrospective sign-up launch process. The Bayleys brand is positioned at the higher-end of the market and they required a visual design system to reference in order to maintain a consitent brand presence online.

I was responsible for improving the Bayleys Total Property brand. It is my recommendation that you should never compromise on quality in terms of design work, especially when your brand collateral has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Bayleys image grid


Requirements gathering

I was given a Microsoft Word document with copy and a suite of logos to run with. The design below was created by one of Bayleys in-house designers as a starting point. Initially, I created a shell of a layout that included generic areas of editable content. This simplified the feedback process for my client and made it easier to manage my clients expectations.

Bayleys reference layout

Visual Design

Email banners


Email style guide

I always take my clients' knowledge and opinions into consideration. This informs the value of a particular brand for the company, and influences how well my visual communcations are received.

The recommendations I provided where delivered to the client in the form of a style guide with the following documentation:

  1. logo use
  2. colours
  3. typography
  4. page template margins
  5. components such as footers and call-to-actions
  6. design considerations for the use of stock imagery

Expert Knowledge

Brand evolution

The design team at Bayleys wanted to use Helvetica becuase it would be faster to impliment my designs in Marketo. Fortunately, I was able to persuade the Bayleys team the Trade Gothic font for all title headings and they encouraged support for the work I was doing. I beleive strongly that effective typography critical in maintaining a fresh and unique brand aesthetic.

Display error wrong font

System font incompatibility with email clients (e.g. Outlook or Gmail) can cuase display errors.

A mobile-responsive email template should automatically adapt to the size of the screen they're being displayed on so your email looks great, has a functional layout, and is easy to read regardless of your subscriber's screen size.

Responsive columns
Effective design logomark

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