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February 2021


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A review

Expanding UX Design skillsets with the Interaction Design Foundation

I live in New Zealand where I work remotely as a self-employed UX/UI Designer. I have a cherished livelihood where I create web apps, ecommerce marketplaces, and express creative visual communications for a range of New Zealand and Australian businesses.

I recently had a job interview question that I found challenging to answer: what experience do you have with product management? Thankfully, I was able to resolve the confusion I had experienced about product management learning more about research triangulation and studying UX Management Strategy & Tactics.

Two key takeaways:

Firstly, diversifying user research methods ensures more reliable, valid results by considering multiple ways of collecting and interpreting data. Essentially, triangulation means looking at a question from a different point of view, which lets you see part of the answer that wasn’t previously apparent.

Secondly, there is some overlap with role responsibilities between UX Designers and Business Analysts job titles. Product Designers are a bit more focused on business drivers and technical opposed to where UX Design seeks to represent the user’s point of view. Executives tend to have their own ideas concerning ROI based on meeting their business objectives. For example, colleagues often align themselves with the direction given to them by the CEO rather than looking to understand human-centered design thinking principles. This can make getting approval for an idea harder than it really should be. In order to raise capital for a research or design sprint, Product Designers must be aware of office politics and navigate some bureaucracy to get what he/she knows meets the real needs of the products’ representative users.

Interaction Design Foundation learning navigator

The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is a leading authority in UX design education. I was able to find the relevant topics I needed by navigating their ‘lesson navigator’ (on the left of the screen shot above), and I found the research I needed quickly. They have a huge array of fascinating courses, and their education platform is very user-friendly. I highly recommend checking out their courses.

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