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October 2020


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Bucket list  

One to tick off the list! Highly recommend giving these Formula Challenge cars a whirl next time you're in Taupo at the Bruce Mclaren Motor Sport Park.

formula racer

Hiking is a wonderful way to see the country. New Zealand is full of wonder and majestic views. These next photos are from Field Hut in the Tararua Ranges.

hiking hiking

Kawasaki is a great ride. Wellington is notorious for limited parking spaces. Motorbikes are a lot of responsibility but they're worth it!


I have built over 30 models over the years. Tamiya kits are the best! Can you see where I got my fascination with motorbikes from?


When paragliding or hang-gliding, sometimes you’re flying, sometimes you’re floating. It's exciting, peaceful and a little scary all at the same time.

para gliding

A bumper crop.

Tai Chi

Some might think of Tai Chi as being an old person's exercise routine, however, with a concentrated effort and some diligent training Tai Chi is like a deep spring that can be found within a treasure mountain. It is the best foundation we can utilise to cultivate and improve in all other martial arts, and consequently all other areas of life.

Tai Chi is one of the few sports that improves balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health.

tai chi
DJ Shay

In my mid 20's I was lucky enough to travel around the South Pacific to see many beautiful islands and cities. I was known as DJ Shay of the Pacific Sun for P&O Cruises for a few months. If you need a wedding I worked for Discotech in Auckland as a side job.

DJ Shay

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