September 2020


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COVID-19 has changed New Zealand. There is no playbook on how we should respond to a 1-in-100 year global pandemic but the steps taken in business to date may not be enough for the success of your future.

The support for those hardest hit won’t be just measured in statistics. There is a huge willingness in the business community to try new strategies and avoid their products and brands stagnating - or even failing - to meet their profit margins.

Look to come out of this pandemic in a better position than before it happened. Businesses large and small are crucial to our economic recovery, but no one succeeds on their own. Effective Design is founded on pro bono work and supports good causes.

Businesses that might not be able to afford our full project rates will be offered a discount. We are flexible with payment options as well, and are confident that we have the tools to deliver powerful results that fuel your brands long term success.

This is a targeted scheme aimed at supporting real companies that have a real chance of lasting. As with any investment there is a price tag attached to our services but we are capable of negotiating fair and reasonable deals for sincere business owners that are struggling with economic recovery in challenging times like these.

Drive business growth during economic downturn...
  • Do you need insights, strategy, and to improve your customers digital experiences?
  • Is your organisation less than "The Top Dog" to your members, other citizens, and as product owners in crowded markets?
  • Is your company struggling to recover due to Covid-19?
Let’s work together to achieve your goals.

I am open to either contract or permanent UI/UX opportunities in Wellington, NZ.

If you think we'll be a good fit please reach out for a chat.

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