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February 2021


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Certifications from the Interaction Design Foundation

With 91,233 graduates, the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is the biggest online design school globally. Founded in 2002, IDF course Certificates are trusted by industry leaders such as IBM and Adobe who train their teams with our courses. Universities such as MIT and the University of Cambridge include our material in their curricula.

IxDF are market leaders in online design education because the world’s leading experts create their content and because they’re specialized in design. Their courses cover the entire spectrum of UX design. IxDF have created the world’s biggest and most authoritative library of open-source UX Design literature with such noted authors as Don Norman and Clayton Christensen.

Service Design: How to Design Integrated Service Experiences
Service Design: How to Design Integrated Service Experiences

This course covered how to:

  • Run a service design process from start to finish.
  • Apply essential service design methods such as service blueprints, business model canvases and value propositions.
  • Set up a service design team and engage the entire organization in service design.

Interaction Design for Usability
Interaction Design for Usability

This course covered how to:

  • Carry out a design process that focuses on people’s needs to ensure that designs are easy and pleasurable to use.
  • Reduce the costs, risk, and time required to design and implement products by designing with usability in mind.
  • Integrate user-centered design into lean and agile development processes, to ensure that all work creates customer value.
  • Increase an organization’s UX maturity and ability to create great user experiences by engaging the whole team in user-centered design.

User Research – Methods and Best Practices
User Research – Methods and Best Practices

This course covered how to:

  • Carry out user research, such as interviews and observations, to ensure that designs are relevant and provide a great user experience.
  • Plan user research projects that are valid and ethically sound.
  • Reduce time and cost of product design and development through fitting user research into design processes in the most optimal way.
  • Provide actionable insights to stakeholders through effectively communicating the results of user research projects.

UX Management: Strategy and Tactics
UX Management: Strategy & Tactics

This course covered how to:

  • Create and execute a user experience (UX) strategy that ensures all UX work across an organization is aligned with business values.
  • Ensure that UX values, such as focusing on customer needs, are embedded into the company culture, thus growing the organization’s UX maturity.
  • Manage and support a UX designer and wider UX team.
  • Effectively hire for, position and empower a UX team.

Affordances: Designing Intuitive User Interfaces
Affordances: Designing Intuitive User Interfaces

This course covered how to:

  • Create designs that are easy to understand by applying knowledge of how people perceive the physical world.
  • Design user interfaces with actions that can be easily discovered and used by people.
  • Design intuitive feedback on user interfaces, so people will easily understand how to use them.
  • Analyze and improve existing user interfaces according to principles of human perception.

Design Thinking: The Beginners Guide
Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide

This course covered how to:

  • Apply an iterative, user-focused design process to generate innovative ideas that solve complex, ill-defined problems.
  • Make use of practical design thinking methods such as interviews, co-creation sessions and rapid prototyping, in every stage of the design process.
  • Initiate a new working culture based on customer needs and wants, so all work is focused on creating holistic and sustainable customer value.
  • Employ user research techniques to ensure products and solutions are truly relevant to their target audience.

ux design from scratch certificate
Become a UX Designer from Scratch

This course covered how to:

  • Apply an iterative, people-focused process to generate designs that are truly relevant for the target group of people.
  • Gain an understanding of users, through methods such as interviews and personas.
  • Create simple prototypes and validate them through usability testing.

Certifications from Acumen Academy

The world’s school for social change. A university re-imagined for a world that needs all of us. Acumen Academy's mission is to unleash a new generation of social innovators and leaders with the determination to build a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.

Lean Startup Principles for the Social Sector Certificate
Lean Startup Principles for the Social Sector

This course covered how to:

  • Master the 4 steps of the human-centered design process to create innovative solutions to real-world challenges
  • Build an effective interview guide to learn and document your use research
  • Gain strategies for synthesizing your user research and identifying opportunities for design
  • Practice creative techniques to build rapid prototypes and make your ideas come to life
  • Learn to effectively test your prototypes with real users and identify promising solutions to begin implementing

Business Models for Social Enterprise Certificate
Business Models for Social Enterprise

This course covered how to:

  • Map out the value that your social enterprise creates, captures and delivers
  • Develop a business model that drives financial sustainability and social impact
  • Create and test hypotheses about target market size, cost structure, revenue streams, and value chain partnerships
  • Uncover revenue engines to power businesses serving customers living in bottom of the pyramid markets

Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact
Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact

This course covered how to:

  • Use Acumen's Lean Data framework as an alternative to the traditional "monitoring and evaluation" approach
  • Pinpoint data collection opportunities in your customer journey
  • Create a streamlined survey to understand why your product, service or program is meaningful to customers
  • Identify an appropriate technology to rapidly collect data
  • Run a Lean Data sprint within your own organization
  • Present customer insights and recommendations to stakeholders

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