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Web Designer

Project type:

Mobile audio tour and responsive web design




Ideation, Card sorting, UI design, Wireframes, Presentations, Usability Testing, Front end Coding

Job Description

Career highlight

I was the lead digital designer and front end developer across digital touchpoints and microsites for the NGV Multimedia Department. I provided creative direction to a small web team for numerous art exhibitions and was responsible for the delivery of online advertising. I ran focus groups and presented creative concepts to executives and key stakeholders. I negotiated and influenced desired outcomes whilst achieving successful timeframes for the NGV as a whole.

General Goals

Create a mobile responsive multimedia platform to support a national scale public art exhibition

There is an ever increasing demand on responsive websites to support multiple devices brands and sizes in order to meet a wide range of visitor needs including:

  1. Enrich patron’s overall experience and knowledge of art history
  2. Government accessibility standards for special needs audience segments
  3. Present optional transcriptions readings alongside the artwork in the space
  4. Identify the best location for the audio tour section on the exhibition microsite sitemap

User Scenario

Visitor experience

Patrons were advised to access the audio tour at the exhibition front counter and to connect to the NGV wifi, then visit the exhibition website using a QR code.

The aim was to make it easier for patrons to locate corresponding multimedia content that related to the artwork on display inside each room.

exhibition floor plan

Project timeline

Delays on content from both educational and multimedia departments made it harder to obtain the content my team needed to deliver our project on time. I was able to negotiate and reschedule presentations for the low fidelity wireframes and made up for these delays by researching various plugins that enabled the required functionality of the websites user interface.

Prado Project Timeline

Action tasks

Maintain expectations and improve on our teams past knowledge from previous art exhibitions

  1. Measure and report an increase in foot traffic compared to the previous year
  2. Monitor Google analytics from past exhibition websites to examine user behavior
  3. Content inventory management with card sorting facilitation
  4. Establish user flows with wireframes to discuss the structure of content
  5. Demonstrate navigation best practices and identify user needs and pain points
  6. Establish a project timeline or beta release testing prior to the official launch
  7. Discuss changes and progress updates with other developers and team members

Interaction design

Design critiques

Player elements

Multi-tasking tabs were organised by rows ensuring that the user was able to filter and tab through multimedia content. Ajax loading was used to optimise the user experience. When compared to the previous exhibitions audio player design (below), which had to load individual files in the browser one at a time. This improvement empowered the user experience with new advanced functionality. It enabled the user to scrub through media timelines without navigating away from the page.

napoleon audio guide
New VS old
prado audio guide
Main menu navigation

The audio tour was grouped together under the explore section. I used a card sorting exercise and open discussions about the sitemap to compare infromation architecture.

User testing

Bug fixes

I was able to implement changes for the structure of the website to improve usability during the beta test launch.

  • Tweaks in the layout for mobile devices. In particular android and iPhone elements needed some additional CSS code written for supporting these device breakpoints
  • Courageous conversations with patrons uncovered a few minor bugs with the play and pause functionality for the player


Highest number of NGV paying patron visits

Great feedback came from the public and everyone involved that helped produce this website and the exhibition. I helped increase ticket sales and promote this art exhibition that features the unique and unrivaled holdings of Italian art in the Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Explore Website

Approximately 400,000 patrons walked through the doors for the Italian Masterpieces exhibition during the winter months.

Gallery kiosks

Here are some iPad art kiosks for projects from other significant NGV exhibitions that I designed and developed.

Melbourne Now

An exhibition component focusing on the recent history of Melbourne’s independent music scene called Wired for Melbourne Sound saw NGV Studio transformed into a fully functioning recording studio, where a “super group” of Melbourne musicians, named Batman Park was formed in conjunction with the recording studio.

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