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Sole Product Designer

Project type:

Initial product design

Date Range:

Jan – April 2020


Research, Product Strategy Planning, Ideation, User Flow, UX/UI design, Mockup, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Responsible gambling

Rugby Vision is a sports ranking platform that helps gamblers manage their money, time, and resources sensibly

General goals

  1. Use data insights to gain a competitive advantage
  2. Understand customer behavior
  3. Align digital investment with business objectives

Ultimately, Rugby Vision needed to understand the potential of its brand and market reach in order to discover sustainable long-term business growth.


Establishing a good project foundation

This new mobile product was kick-started with my clients by walking them through the proposed project timeline and brainstorming the answers to the following questions:

  • "Why would people want this product?"
  • "Who are the target audiences?"
  • "What impact does it bring to the environment?"
  • "What might stop people wanting this product?"
  • "What is this product competing against?"
  • "What are the technical and business constraints?"

Project timeline

Product management

Here is an overview of the project timeline. I used a 'free kanban board' to develop a product backlog of features for pages of the app, which helped to manage our production schedule.

Rugby Vision project timeline

Competitor analysis

Making sure Rugby Vision isn’t just another score prediction service

Listing the key features and comparing how the Rugby Vision platform differs from its competitors helped identify key opportunity areas and clarify the value of Rugby Vision’s product/services. Rugby Vision is not competing with the TAB or other similar gambling platforms for their user population.

Rugby Vision Competitor comparison chart

Proposed solution

“Design a platform that allows people to manage their money, time, and other resources sensibly while gambling”.

This can be achieved by meeting these three goals:

  1. Tailor the experience for each user – provide sports data insights based on customer preferences
  2. Increase convenience factors – add useful tools such as bet reminders, and search and filter functions
  3. Decrease the risks associated with online gambling for customers

Brand development

Current branding

I launched a custom-built Wordpress website prior to the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Website traffic (sessions) had increased by 700% by the end of 2016. It had some publicity in the NZ Herald and The Economist .

Rugby Vision was founded by Principal Research Scientist Dr Niven Winchester who has an interest in sports economics including sports ranking systems and improving rugby’s bonus point system. The Athlete Contribution Estimator (ACE) is developed and maintained by Niven Winchester and William Beard (Collaborator & Research Engineer). ACE is a statistical model that quantifies how the performance of individual rugby union players affects match results.

Visit website
Rugby Vision mobile website

Customer barriers

Combined research from surveys, interviews, and Google Analytics show that Rugby Vision's target audience experienced four significant demotivating trends:

  1. Investing too much time and effort for little return
  2. Negative financial implications of gambling
  3. Expensive subscription prices for non-EU citizens
  4. Forgetting to place a bet
Target demographics

My survey showed that it’s almost part of Australian culture to love to have a bet. Rugby union fans who take up rugby gambling are more likely to be men aged 25 to 34. All target demographics also liked knowing the outcomes of rugby union competitions and/or single rugby matches and can be disheartened if they lose money often.


Young men who are curious about betting and have a busy social life that revolves around playing and watching rugby union


Hard working math-savvy men looking for a side income


Any serious math-savvy online gambler who wants to make a decent income from the gambling lifestyle

Persona Stories


Daniel | 25 years old

Daniel has never gambled online but is an avid rugby union fan who trains with his local rugby team in the evenings. He enjoys keeping fit and spending time with his mates who support and participate in rugby union competitions. His coach earned some bragging rights recently by winning against the odds online. All this makes him more excited about the game, because it means that he will be able to discuss rugby trends at length with his family and eventually even pay off his car faster than he planned. He also wants to improve his understanding of bonus point rounds. Starting with a small financial investment and then working up to a larger sum of money might be the way to go.



Scott | 34 years old

Scott spends long days and sometimes weekends working on electricity supply jobs for commercial buildings. He wants to work less, is time-poor, and often mixes work and play by listening to sports radio. He is gaining confidence in his ability to make some passive income via online gambling and enjoys playing high-skill low chance games. Scott has business debts to repay and is aware of the addictive nature of gambling, which makes him keen to restrict financial burdens and maintain responsible betting habits. He also likes to watch rugby highlights online and stays current with the latest rugby union news when he has free time, without his fiancée.



Jenny | 54 years old

Jenny is self-employed and is very serious about gambling. She loves solving problems with maths because it sparks her creativity. She attends regular poker tournaments and generally doesn’t like using technology much, but recently experienced a winning streak at the local TAB shop and has discovered that her professional skill set is transferable to other sports. Now she is searching for a pain-free and cost effective source of information she can rely on to change the game and help her win more money. Jenny grew up in New Zealand but now lives in Perth and hopes watching rugby union will put her in touch with her origins and restore her sense of national pride. She loves the sports heros such as Jonah Lomu and George Gregan.

Use case scenarios

USER A – Represented by Daniel

1. Interested, Dan hears his rugby coach talking about Rugby Vision and how much money it helped him make at the TAB from Rugby betting

2. Curious, Dan searches for and downloads the Rugby Vision app. Then signs up for the free trial with the confirmation email he received from Rugby Vision

3. Evaluates Rugby Vision systems and places bets based on Rugby Vision competition insights with his preferred booking agent. Gets excited from profits

4. Sees the remaining days in his free trial. Gains one month free subscription by referring Rugby Vision app to his friends

5. Confidence has improved. Feels like he’s in control and chooses to continue his Rugby Vision subscription

6. Completes Rugby Vision member survey and rates the App

USER B – Represented by Scott

1. Scott is browsing rugby accounts on social media and YouTube when he sees an intriguing advert from Rugby Vision

2. Curious, Scott downloads the Rugby Vision app and starts browsing. He is impressed by the customer reviews and the features on offer

3. Scott evaluates and compares bet types and booking agents bets based on Rugby Vision competition insights

4. Gaining confidence, Scott sees how the Rugby Vision app reduces his financial risks and improves his chances of winning

5. Scott is gambling with 3-4 book makers and is continuing to win more often than he loses. Rugby betting is generating passive income now

6. Scott shares his experience and refers a friend for a free month of Rugby Vision’s Gold tier subscription

USER C – Represented by Jenny

1. Jenny's search for rugby betting show results that include an Google ad for Rugby Vision. She follows the link to the App Store and sees customer ratings

2. Curious, Jenny downloads the app and starts browsing Rugby Vision; she sees customer reviews and proceeds to sign up for the free trial

3. Confidence in rugby betting has improved after evaluating and comparing bets and being reminded to place a bet on time

4. Places bets based on Rugby Vision competition insights with her preferred booking agent. Gets excited from profits

5. Free trial expires

6. Jenny receives a friend referral email and decides to subscribe to Rugby Vision for another month

Google analytics

Quantitative research summary

During the 2019 Rugby World Cup visitor traffic reached an all-time high of more than 47,000 sessions. Market research has shown Rugby Vision has the potential to reach a buoyant market in Australasia. The key quantitative metrics from January to December 2019 are:

20% Returning visitors 4,652/15,000 (sessions)
06:32 Average page duration

Rugby union betting is less common in New Zealand compared to the United Kingdom and South Africa.

  • 12.9% Australasian audience segment
  • 23.6% South African audience segment
  • 21.8% United Kingdom audience segment

Survey analysis

10 questions. 24 respondents.

My survey consisted of six qualitative questions that centered around the topic of perceived expectations of service value, and industry pain points. The remaining four quantitative questions related to target demographics. In addition, two in-person interviews were conducted to get a deeper understanding of potential customers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic some research was cancelled.

Key customer pain points

Social Status
Some customers may find that an online gambling addiction develops from compulsive gambling behaviors that lead to the loss of time and savings


Financial Risks
In some countries banking laws can prohibit users from obtaining bank loans (if their bank statements include records of online gambling)

Logistical Constraints

Logistical Constraints
Survey respondents reported frustration when they forgot to place a bet on time (occasionally due comparing bookmakers)

Key customer needs
Free Services

Free Services
No initial service fee and competitive subscription options


Easily compare and evaluate bets from chosen online bookmakers

Time-saving features

Time Saving Features
Be in control of their information advice experience

Financial gain

Financial Gain
A side business with passive income potential


One trustworthy and reliable source for information for rugby union match score predictions

Social Status
Attain recognition from their online community

Understanding logical constraints

Key services user flow

Rugby Vision Userflow

Stakeholder presentation

MVP wireflow (with annotation)

Expert (heuristic) evaluation was provided alongside this wireframe presentation.

Rugby Vision Wireflow


User interface kit

IOS developers require detailed specifications to begin coding the app so I developed this user interface kit.

View Interactive Specs

Test results

Iterative prototyping

Here are some screen recordings of users testing an early version of the high fidelity prototype. Please note that you must have a recent broswer to watch them.

Comparing bets

One of the main features of the app is to compare bets. The ‘compare bets’ button – which was supposed to speed up navigation – was evidently easy to miss. Initially, action-driven tool tips assisted with user navigation between rugby competition rounds. As user testing progressed I realised that the swiping gesture was counter-intuitive for some users.

Deferred account creation

Subscribers who opt for the Gold tier get additional features. However, we let all subscribers dive right into the Gold tier features with a free trial to incentivise and motivate them. This means they can create an account regardless of how serious they are about gambling.

The referral process

Feedback from survey respondents also helped improve the language of the user interface. Changing the button text on the referral page from “REFER NOW” to “SHARE NOW” implied less of a sense of obligation and a reason to connect with others in the respondents' peer group.

Synthesis, reporting, and hypothesis

key test goals

A/B testing goals establish whether or not the Rugby Vision app is meeting the business and users' needs. In order to maximise ROI and product efficiency Rugby Vision needs to gain leverage from A/B version testing to provide a clear road map for the initial launch of the IOS app. The key test goals are as follows:

More customers and sales

Rugby Vision would like to obtain 80% more sales and to increase the percentage of users who continue subscribing after their free trial ends (e.g. better success rates from Rugby Vision’s one month friend referral incentive).

Customer loyalty

Rugby Vision customers' should ideally connect on a deep level with the product. I recommended a soft product launch to help refine user values.

Customer acquisition

Customers are on a mission to find what they need and seek to make a purchase quickly. The Rugby Vision website needs to be organised in a way that makes it easy to understand the benefits of subscribing with Rugby Vision.

MVP prototype

Give it a try!

Rugby Vision's new brand speaks to audiences through a potent combination of strategic insights and creative prowess.


Project status

I have crafted a mix of unique service offerings into a concise, cohesive, and compelling narrative. Rugby Vision is a game changer which has the potential to develop into a leading mobile commerce platform. However, product development has been temporarily suspended due to the impacts of COVID-19.

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